Business Hours


Douglas Paquette Accessories was started in 1976 as a hair ornament company. As with most small business owners starting up in the 2nd floor apartment, with the dining room as the stockroom and the kitchen as executive office, times were simple. During the day the owner would visit local stores in his red Volkswagen Karmann Ghia and then returned to his high-tech facility to process and ship the orders. This mega order processing center consisted of his mother Louise who expedited the hair ornament orders for packaging and then left them upstairs, on the 3rd floor landing, for Lorraine.  Lorraine was a hoot; she was a nurse at the local hospital who suffered from insomnia.  The insomnia was a double edge sword, not necessarily good for Lorraine but the orders were packaged perfectly and left on the 2nd floor landing for next day shipping. (Lorraine liked making money while watching Johnny Carson)  Mom then would take out the old black Underwood typewriter, create an invoice, pack the box and wait for UPS to show.  Louise would leave for home around 3PM to make dinner for her beloved husband Arthur.